Saturday, November 01, 2008

Blogging from the Playground

Today officially begins my Gravy Time (the requisite three months of maternity leave are over, the period between now and the end of the year are all gravy).

I was feeling a little cooped up this morning, so I loaded Lumpyhead and Lula into the stroller, put Nathan Jr in the bjorn, and walked to the playground.

Bump stayed up with the baby and let me sleep all night (All! Night!) so I was feeling energetic. I was also feeling a little critical of Bump for never taking the kids anywhere. I packed some snacks, dressed the kids, and let Bump nap in a quiet house.

Full disclosure: I came up with this idea and started getting ready around 8 am. We finally got underway after 10. I spent none of this prep time on my personal hygiene - I am here with unwashed hair and wearing my pajama bottoms.

I've walked to the playground with Lumpyhead and Lula before, but this morning's trek seemed much harder. I didn't think the addition of 12 lbs. strapped to my chest would make such a difference.

Now Lumpyhead is complaining that he wants to go to the OTHER PLAYGROUND, Lula's nose is running, and Nathan Jr is starting to fuss. I don't have any kleenex or a burp cloth.

And the stroller has a flat tire. Maybe two. The difficult walk here had nothing to do with the addition of the baby.

This is why Bump leaves the house with the kids only when it is absolutely necessary. Because he is a wise man. A wise man who is napping peacefully.

And even on a full night's rest, I am an idiot.


Further update: OF COURSE she stuck her hand down her pants while we were waiting for Bump to come rescue us. OF COURSE SHE DID.


Em said...


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Of course she did.

Fran said...

Oh yeah, of course she did!!!!!

Violet said...

It sounds like you've learned a very valuable lesson the hard way. I bet you won't be making those trips again any time soon!

MoD said...

Oh, you make me laugh. It's funny because it happens. I often think "we're good" because there's a spare diaper in the car at all times. But when I need it I realize that it's two sizes too small because it's been a year since I put it in there. Car seat covers are washable.

p-man said...

Did she sniff? This is of critical importance.