Friday, October 31, 2008

A Monsters Inc Halloween

Last year I made Lumpyhead's Halloween costume by sewing and gluing and borrowing my friend Rich's poker chip case and ruining the finish on our dining room table.

This year, I smartened (that's a word, right?) up about Lumpyhead's Halloween costume and bought that sumbitch online.
Mike Wazowski, from Amazon for about twenty bucks

Bump made the scream canister using a wine gift box and some colored paper. It looks truly amazing. He drilled some holes in the top and added the strap from our video camera bag and TADA! It doubles as a container for candy.
Somewhere along the way, I got the crazy idea to theme the kids' outfits, so I made Lula a Boo costume. It's basically a piece of purple cloth with velcro closures and some shiny silver arms and legs.
I bought the stuff to make mop hair and lamp eyeballs, but ditched them at the last minute. This made the costume more wearable for her and simpler for me.
It needs a little adjusting for trick-or-treating tonight, but I think the overall look is a success.

Then, well. . . then things got a little out of hand. I decided Bump should be Sulley. I looked into buying fur to make a costume, but the cheapest stuff I could find was $22 a yard (that translates into at least $100 to make a costume big enough for Bump) and wasn't the right shade of blue. I found a turquoise tee shirt and purple spray paint at AC Moore for about $10 total. I also got a piece of turquoise cardstock for a mask.
After I futzed around for way too long with fabric horns and fur eyebrows, Bump pulled out the cardstock and made himself a Sulley mask.
I don't know why I even bothered with the fabric stuff.

I needed to fit into the scheme somewhere, and felt my choices were Celia (Mike's girlfriend, which seemed a little icky with my son as Mike) and Roz (the mean administrative official, who is ultimately in charge of everything). Also: Celia = slinky and sexy, Roz = fat and ugly. Choice made.

I sewed a dress. Using a horrendous gold patterned fabric that kind of looks like Roz's skin in the movie, I found an easy pattern and made myself a dress. As is appropriate for anything hand-sewn by me, it is perhaps the ugliest item of clothing I have ever worn. And that's saying something.
Add a sweater and some glasses from ebay.
Um, right. Nathan Jr. Nathan Jr is a CDA agent. I was going to use a star snowsuit I made for Aunt Bob's Little Guy, but we couldn't find it so I ended up sewing a new one. Add some marker decorations, and:
I used so much marker that the baby smells like a Sharpie when he's wearing it. His agent number is 80308, which is his birthday. While the CDA dudes in the movie don't have the agency's name on the front of their uniforms - only the back - I decided to use a little creative license and put it on the front as well.
Still, the whole effect of the costume is only realized when I turn the baby around.

So that's it. A family of costumes. Happy Halloween.
All that's left to do is listen to Lumpyhead and Lula fight constantly over who gets to wear the blue hat. Well, that and go trick-or-treating.


Em said...


No one will ever accuse you of wasting your maternity leave. You all look wonderful, and I'm totally impressed by the ingenuity.

Henry has a Star Wars Clone costume that's a piece of crap and Lucy is a tiger.

Lucy has been wearing her costume since Tuesday.

Happy Halloween! PS sent you some mail today : )

Fran said...

I am very, very impressed!

When mine were small, I started out like that, but ended up at the Walmart with all the other slackers....


Laura said...

You guys are so cute...I can't believe you put that all together. Have fun tonight!

Violet said...

What an inspiration. It's all I can do to get my kid dressed normally, much less dressed up in homemade costume for Halloween.

Teresita said...

I just really have a hard time imagining you sewing.

Well, I have a hard time imaging you sewing sober.

merseydotes said...

The whole look is awesome. I love it.