Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Post About Doody that has Nothing to do with Poop

In January Bump received a notice that sometime during this calendar year, he would be summoned for jury duty.

He was all "Crap" and I was all "HA hah" and then we found out that if you're the primary caregiver to small children, you can be excused from jury duty.

Then we moved and forgot all about it until a few weeks ago we got the summons forwarded from our old address. Bump sent the form back, informing the court that he had moved out of Arlington County.

We got a call this afternoon, and apparently the Arlington Circuit Court district includes our current non-Arlington address.

And that whole "primary caregiver" thing? With me on maternity leave, he really can't use that excuse.

The nice lady at the courthouse basically said, "See you Monday, Sucker."

Here's the thing: I think the Civic-Minded Geek in him is actually looking forward to serving.

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Laura said...

I remember getting a call from my very bummed out sister one day. When I started questioning why she was upset, she informed me it was because she wasn't picked for the jury...wierdos