Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yep, Still a Little Bitter About That

Let's say you've agreed to a playdate that turns out to be free babysitting. And let's say the child arrives and she immediately strikes you as, ahem, less than charming. Then she tells you she has to poop.

Here's a little nugget (heh) I learned while toileting another person's child.

Well, first, she called it "cah cah." Bwa ha ha ha hah.

Okay, here it is:

Sure, all poop stinks, but holy moley do my kids produce some heinously foul-smelling bowel movements. After getting a load (heh) of Freeloading Child's cah cah, and comparing it to what Bump and I deal with on a daily basis, let me tell you this: WE DESERVE SOME DAMN MEDALS OVER HERE.


jen renee said...

comparing poop smells = hilarious. I've done the same thing.

Violet said...

We get some pretty heinous ones too. It makes for a good argument for separate rooms as opposed to open plan living - with the latter there's just no way to escape the smell unless you open a window and let in the freezy breeze coming off the southern polar ice cap.

nonlineargirl said...

A friend with two kids dreams of winning medals in the baby olympics - the imaginary judges are watching her diapering technique, her amazing ability to breastfeed while simultaneously reading to her toddler and folding laundry. Maybe there is a medal for dealing with the stinkiest poop.