Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Verbal Reprimand

A couple of weeks ago Lumpyhead was trying to kill himself by climbing the 4' high rail of his bed. My repeated requests for him to stop trying to kill himself were roundly ignored.

I finally shouted. "Lumpyhead. GET! DOWN!"

Lumpyhead stopped and looked at me, one leg high in the air. "Mama," he said sternly, "you are being very loud."


I raised my voice at my son, and he scolded me for it.


Last night, Lumpyhead asked for some crackers. I couldn't find them, so I stood on a chair to look in a different location.

"Mama!" he said sharply, "Get. DOWN."

I meekly obeyed. What else could I do?

That kid can get his own damn crackers from now on.


Anonymous said...

BWAHAHAHA. That kid is so smart... Too smart for his own good sometimes! He's going to be a world champion debater or something. I can totally see it coming.

Violet said...

I reckon it's time to teach him about the good old double standard.

p-man said...

Duct tape.