Thursday, July 10, 2008

More on Bedrest

As awesome as bedrest sounds, it's really not as cool as one might think. Although I'm starting to feel like a prisoner, most of the time I feel crappy enough that the bedrest doesn't bother me. I remember being really miserable for the last month of my prior pregnancies; it's sort of nice to have the doctor's excuse to be lazy.

I'm really regretting that staging the condo meant getting rid of the bedroom television though.

Bedrest is a lot like watching your family on reality TV - or maybe listening to them on reality radio, if there was such a thing. I hear the daily goings-on of the house, things I would miss if I were at work. The entertaining little incidents not notable enough for Bump to report at the end of the day.

Like when Bump answered the phone and Lumpyhead immediately began running around the house yelling "I wanna hock a loogie! I wanna hock a loogie." I don't know who Bump was talking to, or how the other party interpreted the rumpus. Also, I'm pretty sure Lumpyhead doesn't know what a loogie is, and has no idea how to go about hocking one.

While the noise is often entertaining, sometimes it's difficult not to get out of bed and step in. For example, when you hear "I'm putting things in the toilet!" but the response "Do NOT put things in the toilet" comes from too far away. It tests one's will, really.

But every once in awhile I get little visitors who drink my water and jump on the bed. They giggle and tell me stories and put their heads down on the pillow next to me to pretend sleep. They crawl all over me and shove knees and elbows into their little brother until their father comes in and shoos them away.


Ken and Belly said...

At least you have a laptop. And Youtube. (right?)

Hang in there. :) Or, be bounced and snuggled in there, as the case may be.

Michele said...

I was on bedrest for a while. Of course I didnt have kids yet, so I didnt have such entertaining distractions. But I could not have survived with my TV and TiVo. Which were in the living roo, not the bedroom. I laid (lay?)on the couch but we also had a big overstuffed chair that pulled out to a twin bed for days when I broke up with the couch.
I was really healthy though, and so were the babies, from all of the rest and my total lack of stress. Hope it gets better.

Julie said...

I'm sorry -- that sounds frustrating, except for the visitors. How many weeks are you? Are you far enough along to hope that this doesn't last too long?

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Don't even get me started on bedrest.

You get to leave the house.

In fact you also get to be at home.

In the hospital I did have a tv but it didn't even get Bravo.

I have more to say on this subject but I will wait to make fun of you until after he is born and you are in a better mood to take it.

mo-wo said...

perfect... and that's some reality tv I would watch.

and here's a nice post from a bedresting bretheren while yer there.

she's really freaky lyrical isn't she?

Em said...

Bedrest is also kind of like reading a blog -- you get that same random insight into life that we would have have otherwise.

Your kids sound exactly like mine when they get near a bed -- it's like they try out all the things they can do in one minute. Good thing nobody understands how babies are made yet.