Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Last Night

I slept in our condo for the last time. This afternoon the kids and I will head over to Aunt Bob's so Bump can finish packing in peace - well, maybe not peace but at least he can make as much noise as he likes - and we'll spend the day at Aunt Bob's tomorrow while the movers do their thing.

We've lived here for 12 years. It was raining on the day we moved in. We had two incomes and no kids and played golf on the weekends and drank lots of beer.

I'm attached to this place because of the memories we made here, not because there's anything so spectacular about the condo itself, I suppose. But it has served us well. The second bedroom went from a game room to a guest room to a nursery to Lumpyhead and Lula's room.

This new place is only temporary, so it's hard to feel excited. I expect we will find a permanent house in a few months (when we can undertake this whole moving bullshit all over again) and I'll feel differently about the next move.

Temporary. Will we love this new house? What will we hate about it? Will it be just a blip in my family's collective memory, or will "The House Baby 3 Came Home To" be remembered fondly even after we move on?


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Yes. It will be the house he came home to.

Speaking of which, does he have a blog name yet?

Might I suggest Ender?

Anne said...

Oh, sad! Transitions make me sad!

Does Lumpyhead understand what's going on? Did he say goodbye to his room and get all upset?

I think Baby 3's blog name should be Dexter. Or Jake.

Em said...

Sigh. I found the invite list to my wedding recently (laserprinted, so retro!) and we sent yours and Bump's to the condo. Made me a little misty...

De in D.C. said...

Hopefully the quirks of this house will help you decide what to look for when hunting for your permanent house. And even if you do end up hating this house, you could never truly hate it completely because it *will* be the place that Baby 3 will be coming home to.

And yes, he needs a name already. Though, Sarah's suggestion of Ender made me laugh because Lula is so not a Valentine (at least the Lula on your blog; not having met Lula in person).

Becky said...

Wow. You're right. All the cool kids are moving. And, yes, bedrest sucks. Dang. So much to catch up on. I can't think about what we're leaving behind ... until it's behind. Then I'll probably cry for a week. But, hey, it will probably involve tequila, so I'll be OK.