Friday, July 18, 2008

Illustrating the Point

One of the side effects of letting Lumpyhead watch Monsters, Inc all the time, in addition to the underpants thing, is that he is constantly slamming doors. Often while reciting lines from the movie.

We're always yelling at him to knock it off, because OH MY GOD STOP SLAMMING THAT DOOR ALREADY, but also because we are certain he is going to smash Lula's hand at some point. She follows him around like a puppy, and has gotten trapped alone in rooms as a result of all the door action. We've put the child-proof doorknob covers back on most of the doors to stop all the slamming and protect Lula's fingers.

So imagine my embarrassment - and horror - when I shut the bathroom door this morning, firmly pinching the baby's fingers. She's fine now, although there was much howling immediately following the incident and I spent a lot of time wondering how you could tell if an 18-month-old's fingers were broken. Maybe I wouldn't have this problem if I slammed every door shut like Lumpyhead.


Julie said...

Hey, who hasn't had that parenting moment? I am constantly knocking one of the twins over just seconds after yelling at Raisin for not watching where she's going.

xdm said...

i watched that damn movie so much when I was pregnant I had a sex dream about John Goodman. (He's huuuuuge, thanks for asking.) I made the mistake of telling my husband who then started saying, int he Sully voice, "ready or not! Here I come!" I get the shivers just recalling.

Em said...

I'd like to say something about your post but xdm's comment has left me speechless.

Violet said...

I was gonna say something about my paranoia that my daughter will get her fingers jammed in a doorway. Then I thought of something cute about my daughter's monster dream.
But now I'll just say that Jude Law made a pass at me. It was, literally, in my dreams. And I turned him down.