Monday, July 02, 2007

We're Back

We spent a lovely week with Bump’s family in Maine, once again managing to visit during a heat wave. It seems that I’m still a great big baby when it comes to temperatures around 90 degrees with no air conditioning, and I have forced Bump to agree to get a hotel room next time. It is wonderful to spend time with his family and all, but the no-AC thing is a deal-breaker.

They keep telling me “it usually doesn’t get this hot,” but I am no longer buying it. I endured a second consecutive Maine vacation short-tempered and sweaty, and expended a great deal of mental energy wondering what the hell is wrong with these people. Jesus.

Other than the heat, the week was fantastic. We visited Bump’s grandmother and Lumpyhead squealed with his cousins. We went to the beach and ate corn dogs and the children went on kiddie rides. Thanks to grandparental babysitting, Bump and I saw a movie (Evan Almighty - meh), went out to dinner (Joseph’s - surprisingly good), and spent an evening playing video games and drinking beer at a little bar that had Gritty’s on tap and air conditioning (I don’t really need to comment on that for you, do I?).

Lumpyhead didn't mind the heat. But then, he had a lobster hat.


Em said...

I thought you had been swallowed up by your empty kegerator. Glad you're back.

My sister-in-law tried her first corn dog recently and as her boyfriend recounted the story she turned to him and said, "Wow, You Americans really know how to eat." I thought of you.

mo-wo said...

One more sticker for the development calendar.

Lobster hat. Tick.

Frickin' alpha (grand)parents.