Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Snoozer Loser Is Everywhere

Hey, remember my friend Tom, who was here in DC performing at the Kennedy Center last March? I invited you to his dance-thingie. Oh, maybe I forgot to invite you. Sorry. I meant to.

Anyway, he lost his violin.

Then he got it back.

Today, Bump called me from the car (because he had sent me to the store to get snow peas, and I came home with frozen sugar snap peas. For I am a dork) to tell me Tom was on the radio.

Our friend Jaimie is in Athens on vacation, and he said some international news outlets even picked up the story.

Tom says Regis and Kelly discussed it, and it was the harshest thing he's heard about this whole ordeal. Man. When Regis and Kelly are rough on you, that's gotta hurt. (If anyone can find a link to that, by the way, will you send it to me?)

Here's a picture of the Snoozer Loser himself, with Bump, Lula and Lumpyhead, taken when Tom was in town in March. Sorry for the low resolution, Bump's mother took the photo with Tom's camera, and Tom sent us a print. I meant to request a digital copy of the photo (along with the photos of Tom, Aunt Bob and me at the Kennedy Center) but I never did, and now I think I'm out of luck, because I imagine the pixels are on his still-lost laptop.


theotherbear said...

I can understand the dreadful loss of a musical instrument. It's more than just a thing, it really is something you have a relationship with! I hope he finds the laptop in the same way. But I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

OMG! You know that guy!? I saw that in the paper ... how do you know him?


Lumpyheadsmom said...

He's Bump's college roommate. (The guys say that if his roto baseball team name next year isn't The Snoozer Losers, there's gonna be a revolt.)

Karin's Korner said...

I read about it on AOL, what a shame. I was so glad that it was returned to him, now if he could just get the rest of his stuff back, That would be a miracle. I am sure that if you asked him he would say that it already was a miracle and that the violin would be the one thing that he would have wanted back. God Bless Him