Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Back to the Old Grind

Maternity leave is over. At least until I have another baby.


Okay, that wasn't funny.

It was wonderful to be away from work. (Duh. Does anyone ever say "yeah, it was nice to have a big chunk of paid time off to spend with my family, but I really think those hours could have been better spent at my desk playing freecell.")

I know there are people who genuinely fear their position in the office will be undercut while they are out. I worried about that a little back in May, but now that I'm on the other side I can see it was an unfounded concern. I don't think I missed anything of great import, and if I did, I don't care.

Monday was my first day back, and it was hard. I tried to think of the last seven weeks as bonus time, all frosting, so I shouldn't pout about going to the office. But it was still a tough adjustment to go back to work.

Lula is sleeping well (and by typing that I have jinxed it and she won't sleep through the night again until she's twelve) and doing great. Bump has things under control, and I think it is easier for him now than it was when I went back to work in March.

I'm not worried about my family when I'm at the office, I just miss them. I wonder what they're doing at various stages of the day. I'm sad that I can't hear Lumpyhead laugh or smell Lula's head.

Five days 'til Saturday.


Em said...

I'm sure the first day back will probably be the hardest.

Man did those 7 weeks go by fast or what?

laurie said...

sorry to hear it, friend. i know how hard it is. 3 days, now, til saturday!