Friday, July 13, 2007

Speaking of Stinky

Yesterday I got on an elevator with a guy who had obviously just farted.

It must be satisfying to let a good one rip when you get on the elevator by yourself in the basement. But what a bummer to have that satisfaction turn to embarrassment when someone else joins you on the second floor.

I would have congratulated him, or at least given him an awe-struck, "Dude, what did you eat?", but I couldn't stop giggling.


Karin's Korner said...

That was hilarious and yes, it has happened to me before (me being the farter, not the fartee).

Michele said...

My co-workers and I once ran for the elevator and caught it just in time. Just in time to surprise our boss, who had just let a vile one loose, thinking she was going to be alone and safe on her ride down 11 (ELEVEN) floors.

The giggling, it was infectious. The bosses face, priceless. Made for a VERY short staff meeting later that day.

Violet said...

I've worked with people who do that on purpose.

Anonymous said...

OH my GOD, why didn't he get off when you got on?! Then at least he wouldn't have to ride *with* you in the stink.

If I were that guy, I would get off and freakin' walk all the way across the building rather than stick around at the scene of the crime.


Mom101 said...

Aw, at least you can giggle about it. When I do, I mean MY DOG..Nate yells at me. Despite his adage that farts are always funny.