Friday, March 16, 2007

Wager? I Don’t Even Know Her.

The first thing Bump said to me this morning was, “Unfortunately, for purposes of tequila, you are kicking Sarah and Devra’s ass.”


I am in the best NCAA pool ever. To make it even better/more interesting/able to hold my interest into the second weekend after it’s mathematically impossible for me to win the wine, I’ve got a side bet going with Sarah and Devra. Whoever finishes highest in the rankings wins. Terms were either a six-pack of beer or a bottle of tequila, and we decided on tequila. Losers will buy the winner a bottle of tequila, and drink at least some of the spoils with the winner.

As I told them both when we set the terms: in the event that I win, Bump is already shaking his fist in fury at the both of them.

When I reported the bet the Bump, he proclaimed that he was now actively rooting against me. He doesn’t care where I finish, so long as it’s below either Sarah or Devra.


The other bet I’ve got going: when I see my brother in August, whoever catches fewer fish has to buy the beer for that night.

We’re planning to go to Minnesota in August for a friend’s wedding. After the wedding weekend, we’re getting a cabin with my parents and brother. I’m both looking forward to it and dreading it. At least I talked him out of “largest fish” and “most keeper fish.” Right now it’s just sheer numbers. I can pull up as many 6 oz bluegills as I like and still win. Maybe I’ll never take the first fish I catch off the hook; I’ll just keep pulling the same one into the boat over and over again until my brother notices.


Em said...

A nice side bet. That's just what I needed to keep me in the wine pool and not lose heart (or lose to a dead dog and a toddler) when it becomes apparent that some of the participants actually keep up with the hoops a bit more than the rest of us.

Best of luck!

Michele said...

So it looks like the only thing you have going right now that you dont have some booze or money riding on is the wedding. You better get busy:

Under or over on how many bridesmaids get drunk...Within $50 of the total cash haul in the wedding envelopes...Win place or show on the entree choices...the possibilities are endless.

Auntly H said...

August in MN? Hoo-RAY! Just the incentive I need to return from Europe. You ARE coming to the Twin Citis, right?

Gidge said...

I'd start shopping for a cooler with a hidden compartment right now.
Load it up with Fish you can pretend you caught, and then just enjoy the day in the sun pretending to work hard reeling in the same fish over and over.

Good times.

Joel G said...

If memory serves correctly, haven't you won the Wine pool before?

What is your method for making the pick this year?

Lumpyheadsmom said...

I did win the Wine Pool once, but it was early in the Wine Pool's existence and I think I won like 12 bottles of wine. Not that I'm complaining, a case of wine is a case of wine, but winning the Wine Pool again would be awesome for many reasons.
1) the word "fluke" wouldn't come up so often when anyone mentions my win
2) there are many more players now, so how much cooler would it be to win?

(Oh, about 20. It would be about 20 BOTTLES OF WINE cooler to win now.)

And my method? Just like in poker, it's all about FEEL, baby!

Devra said...

Bump needs some marracas so he can put that fist to good use. The lease he could do is unclench long enough to be our designated driver.

Devra said...

that would be "least" not lease. See, I am slurring already...

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Son of a...

I suck so bad at brackets this year I should just go out and buy the tequila now.

Stupid Gonzaga.