Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Hope This Doesn’t Count Toward My Fifteen Minutes

Hey You.

Yeah, you. The huge dork who not only knows there are three CSPANs, but knows how to find CSPAN3 (aka CSPAN Deportes) on your TV. The huge dork who may actually be watching CSPAN3 tomorrow between noon and 1:00pm.

I’m talking to you.

Yeah, that’s me.

I’d tell you to Tivo this so you could fast-forward through the boring parts, but then you would miss me. Because my part, by definition, is the boring part.

When there are like, three Members on the dais, and half of them are asleep (yes, one is half-asleep, shut up), and some woman is yammering on about functions and billions . . . I’m the one doing the yammering.

Unless, of course, the good people at CSPAN decide to cover something else. They usually broadcast our markup, but maybe they won’t, particularly if something more exciting comes up. If the T&I Committee is watching paint dry, we could get pre-empted.

For instance, Al Gore is coming to the Hill in the morning, and he’s WAY sexier than us.


Melissa said...

Ooooh, you're so important! And way sexier than Al Gore, I'm sure.

stefanierj said...

Dude, this would totally be worth the price of full super mega cable. Which you need to get CSPAN3. Which I do not have. Saaaaad.

Aunt Bob said...

Geez, they let you talk at mark-ups. I've never talked at a mark-up in 10 years. Then again, I sit behind chairs and avoid the camera ever since my Mom called me out for raising my eyebrows at a question during a confirmation hearing (she caught the replay -- how lame is that).

Just in case Big Al (and I mean big) preempts you, are you webcast?

Joel G said...

What is going to be your "sign" to all of your viewing public? Has to be better than tugging your ear, a la Carol Burnett.

Em said...

Yeah, are you gonna be webcast because I don't think we get more than two CSPANs here outside the beltway.

Personally I think you are blowing your 15 minutes on the wine pool, baby.

Teresita said...

I think you should compose a blog post, while on CSPAN3. Then it will be more interactive.

You get to talk, huh? I guess that what being in the majority is all about.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Dammit! I missed it. CSPAN 3? Really? The tres?

merseydotes said...

I have sat through many a T&I Committee hearing, and it feels like watching paint dry. Good luck! Or is it over already?

laurie said...

no cspan3 here at the upside up. but i'm impressed with you anyway. functions and billions, eh? wow!