Monday, March 12, 2007

Mother’s Little Helper

(and I don’t even mean Xanax)

I made brownies this weekend (relax, they were from a box), and asked Lumpyhead to help. By “help,” I mean he stood on a step-stool and watched from close range. I put his hands on the egg while I cracked it into a bowl, which fascinated him.

Then he reached into the bowl and tried to pick up the yolk.

Nothing is funnier than watching your toddler try to pick up an egg yolk. I laughed (at him) for at least five minutes. He eventually gave up after the egg no longer looked like a small ball. It was his first go at baking, and I think he did pretty well. At least he entertained me.


merseydotes said...

I love to watch Petunia in the kitchen. I'll never forget her fascination at the hard, brittle sticks that turn into spaghetti.

rockcreek said...

Try instant pudding with lumpyhead. Lots of fun, and no hope of burning anybody. (Still don protective clothing, tho.)

E :) said...

I can just imagine it! LOL!

Devra said...

My younger son was helping me in the kitchen and my older one said "Let me crack the eggs because Josh might get saminella."

Josh got pissed and said "No Mitchell I won't. Shut up! I dont' even know Sam and Ella."