Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I left work early Monday night so Bump could attend the condo association annual meeting. At the last meeting he was elected to the Board (which I’m still snickering about, by the way, a year later) so it was important that he be there. I think I forgot to tell you that he subsequently got himself elected Secretary (you can be damn sure I'm also snickering about that). Board members serve two-year terms, so he was not up for re-election this time. But as Secretary, Bump may have inadvertently orchestrated the ouster of a sitting board member. Cool, huh?

Meanwhile, I was holding down the fort at home. Right when Lumpyhead needed to go to bed, Lula decided she was hungry, and I realized I should have pumped an hour before. I delayed Lumpyhead’s bedtime and decided to feed Lula straight from the tap, which I hardly ever do.

She was hungry and complaining, and thrashed around instead of latching. With my left boob, I shot her right in the eye.

I thought this was really funny and started to laugh, hence much jiggling, which apparently made it even harder for Lula to latch. Plus, with breastmilk in her eye, she kept making a pirate face, which made me laugh even harder.

I don't have a picture of it, but here's Lumpyhead's Pirate Face (from one year ago, 3-4-06)


Em said...

Now with 100% more Pirates!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I have some hats you can borrow. Aarrrrh.