Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Would a $3 Drink Make Me Less of a Dumbass? Probably Not

Last night Sarah, Devra, Aviva and I attended a forum about blogs and marketing.

Elisa gave an interesting presentation, and I met some other cool bloggers.

I would say that I “met” Devra and Aviva, but I feel like I already knew them. I was really just confirming that they were the women pictured on their blog, and not, oh, I don’t know, a middle-aged Portuguese man in a cheerleading outfit and a fourteen-year-old boy using an author mom as an avatar. You’ll be relieved to know that Devra and Aviva are who they say they are (or maybe you’re disappointed by that, in which case: sorry).

Things I learned last night (other than Devra and Aviva are not being impersonated by internet wackos):
  1. One hour will elapse in the time it takes you to drive from the Hill to a place in Upper Northwest. One. Hour. (gah!)
  2. When you’re following vague directions to a destination that turns out to be wrong, it will take you awhile to get where you’re going.
  3. While searching for a particular street, make sure you know what street you’re on, just in case you are already on the street you are looking for. (Yeah. I’m a Dumbass. In my defense, at the time I was insanely jealous over somebody’s upcoming fancy dinner reservations, so I was a little distracted. (Ha! I sure showed her. She may be getting a fancy dinner soon, but last night she had to pee and was stuck careening around the streets of DC in my car.) Look, it’s the zoo! Again.)
  4. 19th and Calvert? Is a different place than 24th and Calvert. Just so you know.
  5. A restaurant that seats you outdoors on a December evening doesn't really want your business. (While yesterday afternoon was beautiful, last night was, um, brisk.)
  6. Paying $4 for a drink with no liquor in it is something only a Dumbass does. (I, Dumbass)
We were told the restaurant was also hosting a group of bloggers from a medical conference as well as some DC bloggers. I thought that meant folks from DCBlogs were there, so Sarah and I introduced ourselves, only to barge our way into a conversation with some random guy from the medical conference, who probably thought we were insanely creepy. I’m almost positive DCBlogs was not there.

But we made a new friend.

Okay, not really. We walked away, much to his relief, and now I can’t find his card so I can’t even plug his medical-y “WebMD meets MySpace” bloggity blog. Sorry, dude.

So that was my Crazy Night Out with the Girls. I was home by 11.

(Dear Akutaq,
That is not how A Crazy Night Out is supposed to be done.
Love Mama)


Anonymous said...

I've always wondered what it would be like to meet other bloggers in person. I haven't been blogging for very long, so it hasn't happened yet.

Bozoette said...

Oh yes, I have learned that getting anywhere cross-town takes an hour. Count on it, and then you'll be pleasantly surprised when it only takes 45 minutes! Great to meet you too!

Em said...

I am not kidding, I have to type in 'dumfawq' to post a comment, now who feels like a dumbass, or excuse me, a dumfawq?

And I was just going to say that you don't get to feel bad if you pay that much if it keeps Akutaq nice and healthy.

Gidge said...

I am cracking up. Did you freak the guy out by doing the 13 year old girl thing? "Wow YOU Blog? WOW WE BLOG TOO! OH MY GOD WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON! What about inflation OH MY GOD I HATE IT TOO!....it's like we knew each other in another life."

People love it when you do that.

I've taken it to doing it at work.

Yeah, I'm not annoying.

My verification word is Czechbutz

Mom at Work said...

I still wish I had been there. Ugh.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

You do suck. I paid $4 for my drink and I got a whole beer.


whymommy said...

Oooh, sounds like fun! I've been dying to meet (real or online) other DC bloggers with little kids. I'm adding Sarah and Parentopia to my blogroll -- any others you suggest?

Devra and Aviva said...

Another thing we learned, the servers at City Diner believe it is more important to lecture their customers about their OCD issues regarding tables and how to seat people, than to actually welcome customers and serve them.

We also learned that we want to go to a different place next time, but still with Sarah and Lumpyhead's mom!