Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Last Donut

I declined the last chocolate-covered donut this morning, much to Bump’s delight. He put it on a plate in the living room, expecting to share it with Lumpyhead while they watched TV. On my way out the door, I handed Lumpyhead the donut. I was tickled by how funny he looked, whole donut in hand, walking around and eating it like a big kid.

When Bump saw what I had done, he expressed his concern with such phrases as: “you gave him the whole thing?” and “he’s gonna get chocolate everywhere” and “our carpet is in bad enough shape as it is.”

He took the donut from Lumpyhead, who was understandably, um, dismayed.

Perhaps I should explain that Bump’s idea of sharing a donut with Lumpyhead includes cutting the donut up into small pieces and hand feeding them to the baby. It does not include giving a toddler the whole damn donut and letting him run. I should also explain that I can’t eat those donuts without getting chocolate all over myself, so I probably should have reconsidered the whole “Here, Baby!” method of donut feeding.

Because Lumpyhead’s whining was becoming a frantic “GIVE ME BACK MY DONUT, YOU BASTARD!” plea, Bump carefully gave him another bite, catching the spilling crumbs and chocolate coating in his hand. This clearly was not satisfactory to the baby, who just wanted his damn donut back.

I suggested we put Lumpyhead in his high chair and let him feed himself the rest of the donut. I finally left for work, about 20 minutes late, and Lumpyhead had already triumphantly plowed through half the donut. I’ll be surprised if Bump got any of that donut at all.


Bump said...

Lumpyhead decided he'd had enough after a half donut, and had melon and crackers for the rest of his breakfast.

When I typically feed Lumpyhead little pieces of donut while I'm having one, he usually gets less than 1/4 of a donut. Because we don't want him to be eating too much donut.

So just to be clear: I'm not eating most of the donut because I enjoy donuts. I'm eating most of the donut out of a concern for my child's wellbeing. Yep, that's it.

Anonymous said...

Why do they always want to feed you bits of their mushy, half-eaten eggs or vegetables, but never their donuts? So unfair.

Anonymous said...

Wait - your child will eat half a donut and then move on to other things? How can that be? Ada had pancakes the other day, and then spent four or five days asking for/talking about pancakes and refusing most foods on the basis that they were not pancakes.

la dra said...

Ah, the "me do it" phase may have begun. Please learn from my mistake and try not to get into struggles over the proper way to use the spoon while eating cereal, soup, etc... Sure it's getting all over the place but once a tug-o-war starts, the food becomes projectile!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Bump - Suuuuuuure. That's the ticket.