Thursday, December 07, 2006

Baby's First Bad Haircut

I think it's safe to assume we will not be returning to Cartoon Cuts in the Springfield Mall.

The place is called "Cartoon Cuts." You were expecting what, exactly?

The Awful, Too-Short Bangs.
Hail Ceasar!

The Too-Short and Oddly Tiered Sides
"I like them french fried pahtaters."

I couldn't really capture the horrible "layering" on the top and back.

Yes, it's a bad haircut. Now please stop following me around with that damn camera.

Today's solution: product. Bump is mildly horrified that the boy is sporting the wet look, but it makes him look slightly less ridiculous. But only slightly.

If the gel doesn't work, we'll try something else.

Looks like there might be more baseball caps and coffee filter yarmulkes in Lumpyhead's future.

Don't worry Mom, it will grow out. Eventually.


E :) said...

But gosh he is CUTE!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Poor Lumpyhead, now he looks older AND his head looks bigger. AND there are now pictures of it all over the interweb.

Also, while we are (sort of) on the subject of Springfield Mall, can somebody please explain to me how to get there?

Mom at Work said...

Sarah -- Call Pete. He went yesterday with little guy and got a much cuter cartoon cut.

LHM - It's really not that bad.

Daddy L said...

I just can't figure out which Cartoon Character they modeled Lumpyhead's haircut after.

Em said...

I can't believe you keep capturing those eyebrow raises. He must do them all the time.

And the coffee filter is the best head topper yet...

Violet said...

Well it is a little military-looking, but he still looks really cute.

la dra said...

The last one looks so Bond 007! He's so smooth--that haircut ain't gonna slow him down.

Bozoette said...

The coffee filter yarmulke is quite chic!

Anonymous said...

This is why I am allowing Ada to wander around with a mullet. On the up side, you now know that your son is cute enough to be very cute even with a bad haircut.