Thursday, April 26, 2012

Playground Stop - Trenton NJ

The Washington Post told us about this place.

Veterans Park
2206 Kuser Road
Hamilton Township, New Jersey 08690

This park is about ten minutes from the New Jersey Turnpike, off I-195 (exit 3). Not the first place I would expect to find a great playground -- no offense, Trenton -- but it's worth the detour. (New Jersey, man. It's like a real place off the toll roads. Where people live, and stuff. Who knew?)

There is another park entrance off Klockner Rd, and that parking lot is closer to the playground equipment. The Kuser Rd entrance gets you to ball fields, a helicopter/memorial, and trails that will lead you to the play area.

We haven't been there since 2009.  Nathan Jr is almost too big for that entire outfit Lumpyhead is wearing.

Sunrise, sunset, all that bullshit. Go to this park.

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misfithausfrau said...

It's a great park. Have been there before, back when we lived in NJ. Sigh. I actually miss NJ.