Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Playground Stop - Richmond VA

We stumbled upon this place after a Wild Gas Chase (you know, when you exit the highway expecting to find a service station at the top of the off-ramp, but instead you're sent seven miles into some tiny town) with some help from the GPS. It is now built in to every southbound trip. The distance is just right; by the time we hit this area, the kids are ready for a run.

If we have our act together, we pack a lunch and this park doubles as our food stop.

It is located north of Richmond, just south of where 95 and 295 split. You can slip back onto either road pretty easily. It's not as convenient as a playspace in a fast food joint, but it's worth the slight detour.
400 Sausiluta Dr
Henrico, VA 23227

The park boasts several large playgrounds and lots of open space. We have never ventured onto the trails or lake area, but those look cool, too.
Oh, the smallness. How it kills me.
I think this is the time we carefully planned lunch on the road, but left the sandwiches to rot for a week in the fridge. We remembered the cooler - which Bump packed - and the grocery bag with rest of the lunch in it - which I packed - but we both assumed the sandwiches were in the other thing. The lesson here is to always let your spouse handle all of the lunch details.

Some day the children will learn to hide part of the picnic before we leave, so they can stop at a kickass playground for a snack, but still get french fries for lunch.

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