Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Playground Stop - Florence SC

During my fit of madness compiling playgrounds and rest stops, I didn't think this place existed. There was a mention of it on Kaboom, misspelled and in the wrong spot. I couldn't find anything else about it online, but when it popped up on our GPS, at just the right time in our drive, we decided to check it out.
Ebenezer Park
842 South Ebenezer Road
Florence, SC 29501

It's located just south of I-20 on I-95. You can get on and off I-95 at exits 160 and 157 without losing much time at all, and isn't too far out of your way if you're headed to Columbia on I-20.

The park has nice options for bigger and smaller kids, with enough separation to keep menacing hordes of 8-year-olds away from toddlers. Not that it was an issue when we visited - the place was nearly deserted - we simply had to keep about our menacing just-turned-three-year-old from injuring his siblings.

I highly recommend it.


Tara said...

How many minutes off I-95 is this playground? Thanks!

Lumpyheadsmom said...

Hi - sorry for the delay in responding. I think it's about 5 minutes from I-95, either from exit 160 or 157.

The street address is 842 South Ebenezer Rd in Florence, if that helps. Thanks for stopping by this poor neglected blog!

Anonymous said...

Is the neighborhood and area safe ?