Sunday, October 04, 2009

My Weekend Was Better Than Your Weekend

On Friday morning, Bump and I got up ass early for our flight to MSP. We crept out of the house just as my mother was waking up with Nathan Jr.

Upon arrival at the gate, we were informed that our plane was delayed an hour. Between grumbling about runway construction at MSP - we could have slept another hour! - and a brush with fame - hello Senator Franken! - we made it to MSP.

Where this happened:

Yeah, that's ElectricYoak.

And THOSE are mini corn dogs.

Your intense jealousy is warranted.

A weekend away without children of course means hedonistic excess. We slept for many hours without interruption. We slept late every morning. We napped on a rainy afternoon. That's right, people, we fucking napped.

We ate good food and drank good beer with good friends. We attended a lovely wedding for a fantastic woman (and her new husband, who I assume is equally fantastic, but let's face it - she's fantastic enough for several people). At the wedding reception the favors were personalized decks of cards and around the corner from the dance floor were darts and cornhole boards. Heh, cornhole.

I miss the tormentors - a little - but right now I'm watching football in ElectricYoak's basement. I'm getting a beer as soon as I finish this mimosa the size of my head, and trying to figure out how to make this weekend last three more days.


kenandbelly said...

Yep, your weekend wins my weekend. I don't even know that guy!

nonlineargirl said...

What I wouldn't do for a mini-corndog and a nap.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

This post has everything - cornhole, minicorn dogs, beer...

I wish I was with you guys.