Tuesday, September 22, 2009

They're Multiplying

There's a new Nutjob with a Bullhorn on the corner outside my office today. Yesterday's Nutjob moved two blocks down the street.

This better not be a fucking trend.

Not only is it annoying (with the bullhorns) and disturbing (with the posters of aborted fetuses) and sad (You've got nothing better to do with your day, old man? You've clearly got too much quality health care. Let's do something about that), but there also seems to be a career path for the Nutjobs. Start on my corner, get promoted to the corner down the street.

The guy outside is not just a Dumbass, he's a Trainee Dumbass.

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Violet said...

There was an annoying guy outside our building today, strumming mindlessly on his electric guitar. So one of the workmates grumbled loudly by her window and - presto! He went away. And she's not even a very scary person.