Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Preschool Forms

One of the many forms Bump had to fill out for the kids to attend preschool is a questionnaire about each child. The form introduces your child to his or her teacher, chronicling the child's likes, dislikes, allergies, and personality quirks.

Some questions are pretty straightforward. Like:

"Has your child ever been stung by a bee, if so did s/he have a reaction?"


"If your child is toilet trained or in the process, what language and procedures are used?"

But others have left us a little stumped.

"What kinds of situations allow your child to express himself or herself the best?"

Uh . . .

"When she's well-rested, well-fed, and getting her way"? I don't think that response would be helpful.

On Lula's sheet Bump wrote "U.K. House of Commons-style debate."

We think Lula's teacher will find that funny. But if the classroom is green with two benches facing each other, we'll know we should have taken the damn questionnaire more seriously.


Aunt Bob said...

Lula is more of a Taiwan parliment throw your shoe if you don't get your way style debater, don't you think?

Violet said...

Ooh - I know about those Taiwanese Parliament-style dirty fights!

I was gonna say, that question probably wanted you to answer with "with a canvas, a brush and a set of acrylic paints" or "with music and dancing" or something along those lines. Not that I would know.

Mamma said...

Love it!! My dad used to fill out my health forms for school sports (he was a doc) and when asked if I had any hearing issues he would say "only when being called to do chores."

Em said...

Funny! Where was Bump when I was filling out forms for my kids?

stefanie said...

You know, if we'd tried one of those really hilarious lines with our current preschool, they probably would have traded sympathetic looks and patted us on the head. But they kinda do that anyway.