Friday, September 04, 2009

Recent Blows to My Self-Esteem

1. I used the scale in the nurse's office.

I entered Sarah and Devra's weight-loss contest, so immediately got right on that whole "starting weight" thing. Um, or not. I finally stepped on a scale three days after the contest started. My hesitancy to seek out a scale in the first place was well-founded.

2. My new bathroom.

There's a big mirror directly across from the shower, so every morning I'm graced with my own Full Frontal when I step out. I think I need to start removing my contacts before getting undressed.

3. I'm bird-sitting for the neighbors.

Nothing like the beautiful interiors of people with good taste to make your own home feel like a primary-colored-plastic-strewn dump.


Asianmommy said...

I love looking at other people's beautifully decorated homes. Makes me want to steal their ideas and recreate it in my own home--easier said than done, right?

Em said...

When we moved into the house I was very unnerved when showering because of all of the mirrors. I tried a selection of houseplants, but I killed them all. Then I gave up.

I try never to stand on a scale either.

Anonymous said...

Precisely why I didn't enter Devra and Sarah's weight loss challenge!

I still think you're awesome.

Stimey said...

Yeah. Stupid Sarah and Devra. Clearly they are to blame. In fact, I think they're made of Snickers bars and are the reason I'm at my self-esteem-crushing start weight.

Violet said...

All of my friends seem to have much nicer, bigger, warmer and tidier homes than I do.

But at least I don't have a scary mortgage.