Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Listening to Sounds with Lumpyhead's Mom

Indulge me for a moment, but I love listening to my children play together.

Lula will hand Lumpyhead a toy and shout "HERE Lumpyhead" and he'll respond with a grand "Thay-YANK you, Lula" and they both comically emphasize odd words and repeat the process until he's sitting there with 35 toys in his lap and she has run out of items to bring him.

Sometimes she will do something that bugs him and he'll say "STOP, Lula" and she'll get right in his face and implore "Why Lumpyhead, WHY?" and he'll whine "Because I said so," doing his best to avoid her laser-beam gaze.

Or when Lula destroys what Lumpyhead is working on, like a tower or a puzzle, I love the stern mix of disappointment and annoyance with which he says "Luuu-la! No."

And even though it signifies that all manner of hell is about to break loose and Happy Play Time is over, I really love to hear them discipline each other. "No Lula. Time out!" Lumpyhead will shriek, right before the Double Wailing begins.

Or she will growl a staccato "Time. Out." at Lumpyhead right before doing something wholly unacceptable like kicking him in the head.

So, yeah. Other than the crying, listening to them play together is really fun. What was I talking about again?

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Em said...

I thought from the title that maybe you'd written a music post. And in a way I guess that you did.