Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Honey I Know, I Know, I Know Times Are Changing

I listen to shitty music. There, I said it. Everyone may think their favorite music is awesome, but the kind of music that makes me want to dance in my chair or sing along in the car SUCKS. It's terrible.

I don't listen to music very often.

Note: drinking often turns me into an asshole, but I'm not about to give that up.


My parents arrived on Valentine's Day ready to babysit. Bump and I acknowledged Cupid's holiday by throwing our children into their beds as quickly as possible and running out the door to play poker at Aunt Bob's. I love you Baby, and to show you just how much I am going to beat your flush with this full house. Pass the chocolates.

During a break in the card action, Aunt Bob fired up the 80s music and the wii, and we all did some sappy reminiscing about high school.

I realized that in high school, I never imagined I would be where I am today. On a Friday night, video bowling with my best friend and the father of my three children, I couldn't have been happier about where I landed.

Although in the interest of full disclosure, I had free babysitters and a lot to drink.


[Consider this a placeholder for where I bitch about the NPR pledge drive, which forces me to listen to crappy radio, which makes me realize how much I need public radio.]

This morning I was stuck listening to the kind of shitty music I enjoy, and Purple Rain put me in the same state of mind as Friday night (except with a BAC of 0.00). When I first heard this song, where did I think I would be when I "grew up"? Certainly not here, living this life.

Twenty years ago, I imagined I would end up in the Twin Cities, getting paid lots of money to order people around. I would live in a loft-style apartment with a great view and drive an expensive car. Children, if they existed, were something to worry about later.

While I didn't think I would die young, 20 years ago I definitely never thought I would get this old.


So, how about you? When you were in high school, where did you imagine yourself at this age? How does that compare to where you are?


kenandbelly said...

Dude, our high school fantasies are eerily similar, down to the MSP address. Only I was going to get paid lots of money being a smartie moreso than bossing people. Somehow.

What I'm doing now is so much better than that.

Xdm said...

Excellent timing. I just got a call last week about my 2th HS reunion. O.M.G. I have always been pretty stealth on Facebook, but I now I am getting friended by people from the class of '89 left and right and everyone is uploading and tagging pictures of us with awful hair and even worse clothes. I don't know whether to embrace it or beg for an end. And no. No decision on if I head back to Milwaukke for it.

Em said...

This question disturbs me greatly because while I never aspired to be a housefrau I don't really mind it all that much -- that's the disturbing part.

mo-wo said...

I thought I'd be you. But with less children.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Honestly - 20 years ago - don't laugh.

I was going to live in L.A. and hang out on the strip. I'd have a band and if all went well be touring large arenas with my husband, Nikki Sixx.

Becky said...

If I could find that old high-school newspaper, I could tell you exactly where I thought I would be. It's been so long ago, though, that I can't remember ... except it had something to do with Denver.