Friday, February 08, 2008

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

It's been a busy week at work: long hours, multiple annoyances, and a host of forehead-thumping encounters. I am usually fine with the deadly hours this time of year, considering it a trade-off for a less demanding schedule in the summer and fall, but I always question my dedication when I realize my office expects me to work on Superbowl Sunday. I mean, is nothing sacred?

But I got home in time for most of the game, and after a week of not much sleep and too much time at the office, I have this morning off.

We're hiring a Daytime Babysitter (Esther isn't your run-of-the-mill babysitter, she's a Daytime Babysitter. It takes a special kind of woman to sell childcare services in the light of day.) for the already-born tormentors and having our first ultrasound to meet the other one. It's probably too early to see any gender-specific parts; this scan is to ensure things are all regular-like in the chromosome department.

As long as I'm on the subject of new hires, we've employed a contractor. He's also coming by this morning to settle a few final details before beginning work. Our condo has been screaming "You people just don't fit in here anymore!" at us for several months, so Bump and I have gotten serious about selling this place and getting a house. We're completely re-doing the bathroom, updating the kitchen, and having light cosmetic work done in the half bath. We'll also need to (hire someone to) repaint and install new carpet. This contractor was highly recommended by a friend who, amidst glowing reports, described him as "a straight man with a gay man's aesthetic." Sold.

Bump leaves with the tormentors on the 12th. He's going to his mother's for a week so the contractor can demolish the bathroom without the assistance of our two curious muppets. I'll be lonely and unshowered while they're gone, so come by and see me, won't you?

Oh, and I found this in the toybox last night:
What. Ever.

Now he's just showing off.


Becky said...

Wait. Ultrasound? Huh? How did I miss that? Dude, will you NEVER be able to drink again?

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I'm going to have Bump come over here and do a magnadoodle portrait of our family for my Christmas cards next year.

Alison said...

I was going to say exactly what Becky said. So instead I'll say, Congratulations. Oh, and 3 is insane - but worth it.

Em said...

Sorry work has been crazy. Did you get your contractor recommended from Anne?

Daytime babysitters are a totally different breed as are any of the non-teen variety. My friend calls her 71 year old sitter "Super Violet" -- SV even puts on a little smock before handling newborns -- so efficient.

Aunt Bob said...

You can always shower (and sleep for that matter) at our place. The people who recommended your contractor did when he did their bathroom, and Pete even cooked them bacon. (Which I hear about, wistfully, every so often when office conversation turns to breakfast, coffee, or bacon which it so often does.)