Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What, Whine, Winner

When Lumpyhead asks for something ridiculous, like a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast or a present because it's Tuesday, Bump responds with a high-pitched, incredulous-sounding "WHAAAAT??!!?"

I think I've already told you that Lumpyhead requests things in the form of a question, which Bump and I are expected to repeat so Lumpyhead can answer in the affirmative. Lumpyhead has begun making patently absurd suggestions, followed by "WHAAAAAT??!!?!"

Bump: It's time to put on your pajamas.
Lumpyhead: Do you want chocolate cake? [pause] WHAAAAT??!!?


Lula has developed an ear-piercing, teeth-melting whine. She emits it when she's hungry, or when she's tired, or when she's had some injustice thrust upon her (like when her brother gets cheese that looks slightly different than the cheese she just received).

I don't know what to do when she makes this awful noise. It makes my back stiffen and fists clench. My instinctive reaction is to bark "Use your words," but hey, Dumbass, she doesn't have any words yet.

Unless you count "eh" and "AAAAHHHH!" and also "mama."

(Oh, yeah, Lula says "Mama." When I walk in the door at night, she says "Mama." [awwwwww . . .] But back to the annoying part.)

What am I supposed to do when she whines? I really, really want the horrible sound to stop, but I don't want to build the connection that whining = victory.

I swear the noise bores a hole into my brain. Somebody help me.


Last night at dinner I was tired and cranky and just feeling shitty in general. Lula was not awarded Lumpyhead's water cup after throwing hers on the floor, and that set off The Whine. Then she wanted the tomato Lumpyhead was eating, but only in theory, apparently, because when she was given a tomato of her very own she wanted nothing to do with our stinking tomatoes. More whining. Then she expressed interest in my water glass, which was met with immediate flailing and violent head-shaking when presented to Her Highness. This prompted even more whining.

Me: [exasperated] Baby! What do you want?
Lumpyhead: Lumpyhead, what do you want? Ice cream. WHAAAT??!!?

Guess who got ice cream.


Daddy L said...

The Boy still whines. When he does I go to my special happy place. It's shaped like a bottle of Whiskey. Works every time.

Violet said...

Who got the ice cream - you?

My kid shrieks if you take away the fluffy sleeping bag for washing, and she wants to snuggle up to it. She shrieks if try to sit her on her potty because for feck's sake you really don't want to have to wash another pair pooey underpants. She shrieks if you take away her bottle of watered-down juice, even if she has not interest in drinking from it. She also shrieks 'cos she likes the look of pain on my face that results from it.

Em said...

We are still working on stopping the whining with both of our kids.

Because she is so young, my only advice is to try distracting her, like, "Hey Lula, look at the pretty flower (or whatever)" when she wants your water glass and see if she forgets because you can't reason with her yet.

I think it is hysterical that Lumpyhead is using Bump's tactics against him.

Devra said...

"What am I supposed to do when she whines?" Obviously you should take a shot or maybe give a shot. I dunno, you come up with some awesome drinking games, so you and Mom At Work make up the game and Sarah and I will come over and play. K?

nonlineargirl said...

The whining is one of the hardest things for me. It is better than it was 6 months ago, but sometimes it still makes me want to rip my own eyeballs out with my bare hands.

MoD said...

Going through the same thing in our house with the 15 month old, FiG. More and more though, she's adding a gymnastic back arch and body flail to her vocal disapproval. She's also perfecting her full-on tantrum...on the floor, kicking and crying. We won't be taking her to restaurants for a while. The only thing I've found to calm her is food and I really don't want to make that a habit. Popsicles are our new special treat.