Friday, February 15, 2008

Absence Makes the Heart Do What Now?

I spent some time at work yesterday silently watching video of the kids, wallowing in how much I missed them. Oh! The missing.

Last night we set up a video call and Lula was wearing a new Valentine's Day dress and Lumpyhead told me "Ah luves you, Mama!" and I nearly died right there.

Bump worked his ass off during the call, trying to maintain a conversation and keep both wriggling, fast-moving kids in camera range.

Then Lumpyhead got whiny and Lula grew angry that she was not allowed to eat the electrical cords and Bump finally declared tensely, "I gotta go."

I hung up, flipped back to my crappy movie, and sighed heavily.

I sure do miss them. But it only takes a few minutes of being with them again to realize how nice it is that they're gone.


Misfit Hausfrau said...

There is nothing better than hearing our kids say, "MOMMY!!!!" when they talk to you on the phone when you are away. It is heartbreaking and sweet. There is also nothing better than sleeping a couple of nights without a 5 year old telling you that her clock doesn't actually go to 7:00 and that, even though it is 5:45, can she get in bed and watch Penelope Pitstop.

Em said...

Glad to know you are surviving OK on your own.

Becky said...

Do I need to send help? Smelling salts? Will you survive?

Daddy L said...

Ever thought maybe Bump might be thinking how nice it is to not have you around either? ;-)