Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Vacation

Cannon Building
I took this photo thinking it would be a fun “Lumpyhead Roams the Halls of Congress” kind of picture, but instead it’s got an eerie, tunnel-y, “Walk Toward the Light” feel about it. Nice use of flash there, Dumbass.

My Car, Post-Collision

The damage isn’t too bad. My license plate took the brunt of the crash, you can see the imprint of the square hitch, right smack dab in the middle of the plate. (I fuzzed out the number because you internets are crazy. Or something.)

3 lb. Bass, 18 lb. Baby
I don’t know for sure that she’s reached 18 pounds, but she’s gotta be close.

Lula Hates Green Beans
Mama hates the fugly pheasant futon. (fugly feasant futon? phugly pheasant phuton?)

A Very Special Batman
Also Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers
ElectricYoak decided that the back of his jacket looked like a half-assed Batman costume.

There is a state mental hospital in the town where ElectricYoak grew up. A sign on the highway warns drivers not to take on extra passengers. I think he looks particularly disturbed in this photo.


Em said...

I didn't even recognize E'Yoak. Maybe he's thinking hard about a way to get Auntlyh to act as Robin to his twisted Batman? Not very likely, huh?

Lula is adorable!

Violet said...

that look of distaste on lula's face is priceless.

Auntly H said...

I'm a little afraid of my husband now.

Lucky for Lula, she fell asleep before dinner was served at our house. Who knows what vile vegetable we might have tried to feed her?