Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Date Night

On Saturday, Bump and I scored a free babysitter. (YAY Molly!) She needed to leave around nine, too early for us to get a game of poker going, so instead Bump and I went out to dinner.

We went to Rays the Steaks, a not-so-fancy but much-hyped steak house. It was good, but uneven.

Since we got there early (around 6) we were seated immediately. Bump even scored a Kojak parking spot. I felt like a rock star.

The spicy cashews on the table would have been great with a vodka martini, but the restaurant doesn't have a bar. The bacon-wrapped filets Bump and I ordered were wonderful, but on my rare steak the bacon was raw. I'm ordinarily not one to leave bacon on a plate, but I couldn't eat it. That made me sad.

Bump never got the appetizer he ordered. My salad was good, but the dressing was a little oily. The desserts were uninspired and mediocre.

The beef was fabulous, but everything else felt like an afterthought.

We got out of there for about a hundred dollars -- including a bottle of wine, drinks to start, desserts and (one, ahem) appetizer. We both ordered the special, which was only $17 (I guess because 5 oz. bacon-wrapped filets are comprised of smaller cuts of meat). Even with the drawbacks I feel like we got a bargain.

Because of the odd seating policy - the place doesn't take reservations and is pretty busy - it was a quick meal. I never felt rushed, but we were out of there in an hour.

We had some time to kill, but not enough for a movie, so we went to Upton Park and played mini golf. I had three holes in one and finished the back nine two under par. If not for the nine over I posted on the front nine, I might have beaten Bump (who also had three holes in one for the round) [shakes fist].

After golf we still had a little time, so went to the batting cages. (Oh, what a night!) A word to the wise: when visiting the batting cage, don't wear your wedding ring. Not because of the hookup possibilities, but because it will leave a mark.
What a dumbass.

Are there any palm readers out there who care to tell me about my future? My life line and head line run together, which I'm told is odd. Also my fate line touches my life line, which apparently means something. Ignoring the batting cage wedding ring thing, what can you tell me? I hope you can get a reading even though it's not my dominant hand.

I'm also happy to hear what any of you accomplished bullshitters have to say about my future. I really won't know the difference between you and the "real" palm readers, so have at it.


p-man said...

You will receive wildly inappropriate comments regarding the photo of your hand in response to this post which is entitled "Date Night".

Some Random Commenter said...

You will give your friend Sarah $50 and free beer.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...


Em said...

Actually, I think having your head and life lines run together is pretty normal. But, I think you are supposed to surrender your dominant hand for palm readings.

Then again, what do I know, I learned everything from a book aimed at kids that I got for Christmas when I was nine.

Violet said...

All I know about palm reading is that if one has dry skin then the "map" becomes harder to read.

Auntly H said...

You will move to Minnesota where your friends will babysit AND serve you a dinner where you will NEVER be tempted to leave the bacon on your plate. Unless you have gout, but then you'll only consider it, you won't actually leave it.