Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Situation: Critical

TV: Broken
Toddler: Confused
Husband: Desperate

Our television is on the blink. Literally. It won’t turn on. The little red light next to the power button blinks a sad, slow cry for help.

We knew the TV was in trouble, and we’ve been on a death watch for the last couple months. First, diagonal red stripes showed up when the images contained a lot of black or dark colors. Then the red streaks were there all the time. Sometimes the entire picture was green.

Lumpyhead keeps asking for his favorite videos. He thinks he’s being punished.

Bump is about to lose his damn mind. It’s one thing to have to keep telling a persistent toddler that he cannot watch Thomas and Friends, it’s another thing entirely to be unable to check the baseball scores once that toddler is napping.

At least the fat baby doesn’t seem to care.

I fear I’ll come home to find Bump wandering from room to room with the remote in his hand, pointing it at random things and muttering softly.


Em said...

I think Bump should load up the troops and purchase a replacement immediately. This is the kind of family emergency one squirrels away cash for.

laurie said...

I sense a trip to Costco in your future. Do it fast, before Bump starts wearing his robe and pajama pants and slippers everywhere.

Violet said...

Losing your tv must be almost as tragic as losing your internet connection.

la dra said...

That last image of Bump is hilarious! Hope you all get through this difficult time. ;)

Misfit Hausfrau said...

That's bad! I'm envisioning smoke coming from the tires of your car as you raced to Best Buy after writing this post.