Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Next Up, String Theory

I had this exchange with Nathan Jr in the car last week:

Nathan Jr: Do you know Kate?
Me: Kate who?
NJ: [indignant] No! This isn't a knock-knock joke.
Me: [not laughing, no really] Okay. [maybe snickering a little]
NJ: [slowly, like I'm an idiot] Do you know Kate?
Me: [mentally ticking through all the Kates with whom I am acquainted; and they are many] Which Kate do you mean?
NJ: He's in my class at school.
Me: [Now legitimately confused. Kate's a dude?]
Bump: You mean Kate Something-Something (I'm not protecting identities here, I don't remember what he said) from school?
NJ: Yes.
Me: No, I don't know her.
NJ: [getting to the damn point, already] Sometimes she calls me Nate-Nate.
Me: She does? (Awwwwww)
NJ: [sternly] Yes. And that's not appropriate.
Me: Okay.

I love that my four-year-old is exploring the concept of appropriate, something I have clearly not yet mastered. Also? It's funny to hear a four-year-old say the word "appropriate."


Amie Adams said...

You didn't suggest he should call him Kate-Kate. If he's a dude, that would be awesome!

bozoette said...

And now you know how often you and Bump say "appropriate".

Stimey said...

I love hearing kids say "appropriate" too. I have one kid who says "obviously" a lot. It's awesome. I also like Amie's suggestion to call her Kate-Kate.