Monday, October 22, 2012

Bingo Night at Chez Lumpyhead

Aunt Bob and Pete came over on Friday night. Over dinner, one of the children asked, "What's a tyrant?"

"It's an adult who acts like a two-year-old," I said.

The adults ignored me. I muttered to Pete that I defied him to prove me wrong. Bump played it straight. "It's a ruler who uses power unfairly," he said.

I looked at Pete pointedly. "See? How is that not how a two-year-old acts?"

Pete continued to ignore me.

"Like a ferowa?" Lumpyhead asked.

"A what?" everyone responded.

"A fah-row-ah. Or maybe it's a pah-row-ah."

Oh, it was on. A puzzle cannot be left unsolved - not in this company - and you could see four adult brains scanning all that he could mean. Pete and I went the video game route. Mario character? Someone in Rayman?

"Tell me more about it," Bump asked.

"Like in ancient Egypt," Lumpyhead said.

Bump got there first. "Do you mean a pharaoh?"

"AH-HAH!" the other three of us yelled.

A fah-ROW-ah.

Also, we're huge dorks.

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