Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving - I've Got a 25-lb Turkey

My office is closed tomorrow, so my holiday begins in a few hours. Five-day weekend! Hooray!

Nathan Jr went to the pediatrician this morning and got four shots, including seasonal flu and chicken pox. Lumpyhead woke up this morning complaining that his tummy hurt, and promptly ejected the entirety of his just-eaten breakfast onto the kitchen table.

So, tomorrow morning I will be dealing with a freshly inoculated baby, a maybe-recovered four-year-old, and -- if things work out the way I expect -- a two-year-old who's coming down with a stomach bug of her own.

Who wants to bet that around 9:30 tomorrow morning, I'll be dying to go to work?


Mike Licht said...

Cook turkey the Real Guy -- deep-fried.



Misfit Hausfrau said...

You're probably right. Unfortunately,

Violet said...

That's winter for ya!