Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My Family Goes Nuclear Again

My parents leave today. For those of you keeping track, they arrived on Valentine's Day. That's eighteen days of Gramma, which was awesome for the kids but a slightly different experience for Bump.

On the bright side, he had help while I was working 14-hour days and he was dealing with three sick children. Before the Dreadful Sick descended, he was able to spend a few mornings reading a book at a coffee shop. He also went to the dentist.

While my parents were here, I took Lumpyhead to the doctor when he complained about his ears hurting. I took Lula a week later and now have twin bottles of amoxicillin in my refrigerator. I spent a Sunday with my father and mother at Urgent Care because Dad was worried he had an infection in his foot and wouldn't go to the doctor without Mom.

Then my mother caught the flu and Bump and I were all OHMIGOD WE HAVE FIVE CHILDREN.

Gramma's presence meant that yesterday morning, Bump and I could play in the snow with Lumpyhead and Lula while the baby stayed warm inside the house.
Nathan Jr is not amused by your snow antics.

And while my parents are sad to go, they're also eager to get back to their own house and their own bed and their own schedule. Bump is looking forward to walking around in his underwear again, and relieved that tonight no one is going to try to talk to him over his TV shows.

But we're going to miss having a nanny who unloads the dishwasher and picks up the toys.
Nathan Jr wishes you a Happy Square Root Day

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Such ridiculously cute pictures!