Saturday, March 07, 2009

Bird Bird Vodka

The one true test, if you want to find out if someone is really from Minnesota, is to ask them: "Duck, Duck, . . ."

If the respondent finishes that phrase with "Goose," the person is NOT a true Minnesotan.

If the respondent answers "Grey Duck," you have a real Minnesotan on your hands. I'm not sure what to do after that, other than to suggest you might want to wash your hands.

Today I had the opportunity to teach my children the game "Duck Duck Grey Duck." We hosted a playdate with many cool people and aside from having some trouble waiting his turn to be It, Lumpyhead did well with the organized activity.

Later, one child -maybe it was Beck - who had clearly played the game before asked if we could play "Duck Duck Grey Goose" again. I was all ANY TIME BABY! Any. Time.


kenandbelly said...


Gray duck is also the test of a South Dakotan, I might add. Did/do you play it with colors? We did. Pink duck, yellow duck, red duck, blue duck, etc. GRAY DUCK!

Xdm said...

It's very important to teach children the basics.

Karin's Korner said...

Grey Duck here. We also played with colors.

I'm not crazy, just well mixed! said...

I tried it on my husband - he said Grey Duck. Personally, I am a goose!