Monday, September 15, 2008

Two Items On Which We Get Very Little Sleep

We spent a whole lot more than we planned on a bed from Ikea. It's a saga that involves more than one trip to Woodbridge, two backwards elbow-joint thingies that remain uninstalled, and a late-night assembly session that involved lots of banging (not the good kind).

I would love to tell you that 1) it is more wonderful than we ever imagined or even 2) it was a huge rip-off. But I can't. It turns out that if you buy a new bed two days before bringing home a newborn, you will never spend enough time on it to properly evaluate the new purchase. So if either Bump or I manage to find a night's unbroken rest in the new bed, I'll let you know what we think of it.

We also bought a couch, one big enough for Bump to lie down on. This we sleep on quite often, as it is a great place to nap when the baby is wide awake at 4am, and it's a convenient spot to nod off during those drowsy afternoon hours when the television is babysitting.

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Aunt Bob said...

Not to mention the missing piece of the other bed involved in that saga!