Saturday, September 13, 2008

Note to Self: Keep Both Pieces of Backup Outfit Neutral

I put Lumpyhead in a striped polo shirt and navy shorts yesterday and sent him off to school. The shorts fit when Lumpyhead wore a pull-up or diaper - but apparently do not fit over underpants. By the time he walked through the front door of school, his pants were around his ankles. Not exactly the Young Scholar statement I was going for.

Bump changed him into the backup outfit I packed that morning: plaid shorts and an orange tee shirt.

Then Lumpyhead played with the water table, soaking his orange tee shirt and requiring a change back into the striped polo shirt.

It was . . . a whole lot of look.

I'm sorry I didn't get a photo, but Pete took one look at Lumpyhead on the playground and said to Bump, "I guess you didn't dress him today, huh?"

Yep. My son shows up in a ridiculous outfit and one of my best friends assumes I put him in it.

Which I did, but not on purpose.


Em said...

Pete's comment is more about Bump's excess of taste than your lack of it.

Kudos for having the back up outfit.

Julie said...

Another tip, courtesy of my experience in this area: if you, like me, keep the same backup outfit in your kid's backpack until it's needed, make sure you check it regularly so that it's weather-appropriate. Otherwise your child's fall-themed photo will inevitably be taken while she is wearing a pink summer dress that clashes with the pumpkins.

Violet said...

I don't bother coodinating my kid's outfits. As long as they fit and are weather-appropriate and activity-appropriate, she's gonna look bloody cute anyway. It's only us grownups whose cute-ness depends on wearing the right clothes.

nonlineargirl said...


mo-wo said...

My kid is often dressed in bright red track pants with the dorky ankle things and some unmatched dress shirt.

It's a miracle I don't top it off with black socks and sandals everyday.

Nancy said...

I have this problem on the regular, and it's usually when we have someplace to be for dinner right at the end of the day (and I haven't had the foresight to bring a true coordinated spare outfit along).

Sometimes I think I should buy a whole bunch of black leggings, t-shirts, and socks and just send those to school as the spare outfit. Black goes with everything, right?