Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lula's Birthday Party

A note to party planners everywhere: If you offer people a pink party hat or a mustache, most people choose a mustache.

Then you feel bad for the people who chose party hat, so you have to give them a mustache, too.
So, make sure to buy plenty of mustaches.

Lula made a photo-appropriate mess with her cake.

Then Lumpyhead muttered something about you being a clock-clucker.
Or something like that, I didn't hear him clearly.


Michele said...

Mustaches! I love it. Totally copying that idea for our next b-day party.

Happy Lula Day!

(a year already!?)

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I would have taken a moustache too. Maybe next year.

Violet said...

I'd have chickened out and taken a hat. But Lumpyhead looks very Fu Manchu in that moustache.

Tela said...

I read often, but comment rarely, if ever. You make me laugh lots though, so I'm breaking my code of silence. Much love, much love.

Em said...

Pink party hats or mustaches, ah LHM, only you. I love that Lumpyhead chose the mustache

Becky said...

Happy, happy!