Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Damn Magnadoodle

A long time ago I told you about my failed attempt to draw Thomas for Lumpyhead. Apparently Lumpyhead does not learn from experience, because a few weeks ago he brought me his magnadoodle and asked me to draw a monkey.

A monkey.

I drew a mildly deformed baby.

Lumpyhead looked at it and asked where its ears were. I gave up and instructed Lumpyhead to ask his father to draw him a monkey. Bump quickly rendered a proper monkey, complete with ears and a tail.

Then Lumpyhead asked for an elephant. "Ha!" I thought, "Finally I won't be the only one who disappoints the boy."

Bump drew this.

My husband obviously missed his true calling. Is there much of a market for magnadoodle sketch artists?


Em said...

Welcome home, Bump!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

If there is Gabe and Bump could start up a side business doing this for a living.

Julie said...

I could use one at my house.

Also, there is NO WAY that Lula is a year old already. Just saying.