Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Perhaps an Explanation Is In Order

I like that Bump leaves comments here (although it would be nice if he wrote a post every once in a damn while), but sometimes he makes his comments by just turning around and speaking to me. Novel, huh?

He says stuff like, “What the hell! You didn’t even clean up the kitchen,” or “What is this Twenty-Four Month Letter all about?”


I thought the Calendar Milestone Letter was a blog mainstay. Writers describe what their child is doing and marvel at the kid’s development or report on some aspect of their own growth as a parent. As in all things blog, Dooce does it, so must we all (just not as well as she does).

I was feeling all “Sunrise, Sunset”-y about Lumpyhead. I played the video of his first birthday party for my parents, and was appalled by the degree to which he is no longer a baby. Then at gymnastics class on the actual, glorious two-year anniversary of his birth, Lumpyhead spent 35 minutes lying on the floor and whining instead of tumbling. Hello, Two.

For both trains of thought, I felt “What the fuck?” summed things up much better than my ramblings could. Concise and vulgar, how nifty is that?

I dithered about whether I should use the acronym or spell it out. Because I take this here weblog very seriously, you know.


Michele said...

FWIW - I loved the "WTF" comment for 24 months. Totally appropriate. Where did the time go.

And yeah, two is just whiney bliss sometimes.

Teresita said...

I am happy for the explanation. I guess I take things too literal. Tell Bump I appreciate his editorial input.

Auntly H said...

I appreciate the backstory, but somehow didn't need it. Your letter to LH left room for me to imagine the bliss and hell that I suspect make up the first two years of motherhood.

In the Trenches of Mommyhood said...

As a mom to about-to-be-2 and about-to-be-3 year old boyz, trust me, I TOTALLY got it.

Melissa said...

I like backstory, but I imagined the gist of it just fine.

Reading those monthly letter things always makes me feel guilty.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I got it.

stefanierj said...

I got it, I loved it, I reiterated it a couple thousand times to my own offspring. Because mimic is the the soul of flattery or something like that. Also, because it was pithy. And I am all about some pithy.

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