Wednesday, April 18, 2007

If I'm Not Careful, Lula Will Start Appearing in US Weekly, and I'll Have to Cancel Aunt Bob's Subscription in Shame

Is it any wonder she's sick? Lula was showing signs of problem partying last weekend, if only I’d bothered to notice.

Here she is trying to steal her father’s drink:
Aunt Bob’s Little Guy: Put the chocolate in the bowl!
Aunt Bob: Okay, okay.
Lumpyhead: Whatever ABLG does is awesome. Whatever ABLG does is awesome. Whatever ABLG does is awesome.
Bump: Ahhh, Easter. These children are so charming.
Lula: Closer . . . closer. . .

Next thing I know, she'll be running around with some dumb chick named Paris.


Anonymous said...

Then one day someone will take a picture of her getting out of a stroller in front of the club with no diaper on ... and from there it's pretty much a straight line to Promises in Malibu.


merseydotes said...

She definitely looks like she is thinking, "Come on hands, work with me here! I will you to grab the drink, I will you to grab the drink..."

Michele said...

So adorable. And her mother is so funny.

Yeah, that spam comment I got freaked me out a bit. Isnt the Unibomber dead?

shelly said...

... and I know she has hair now, but just when you try to put it into a ponytail she'll go off with Britney & KFed's son and shave it...