Monday, April 09, 2007

Everybody Sing Like You’ve Just Been Indicted

Lumpyhead loves singing.

He particularly likes it when a bunch of people sing. He was so psyched when everyone sang Happy Birthday to Aunt Bob’s Little Guy that I had to work that song into the bedtime rotation for the next week and a half.

When Bump listens to CDs in the car, Lumpyhead demands more (“Moh!”) in the pause between song tracks. Lumpyhead expects us to sing along with his favorite numbers on TV, looking at us eagerly when the songs begin and rewarding us with wide grins when we comply. He's crazy about big show tunes but is indifferent to soulful ballads.

He loves singing so much he’ll even abide my horrible crooning.

Since Lumpyhead has shown an interest in everything musical, I’ve been looking for a music class for him. Nothing fancy, just live music for the under-5 set. Bump tried the “Song and Story Hour” or some such at the local Borders, but the performer freaked him out (Bump, not Lumpyhead), and the whole thing was discontinued the subsequent week. Blinding success, that one.

I discovered that Arlington County has several music classes as part of its recreation program, and last week I registered Lumpyhead for a music class. I’m not sure if it will be some hippie kumbaya thing, a mind-numbing session of “I’m a Little Teapot” on continuous repeat, a peppy schoolteacher-type with a canned soundtrack, or something else altogether.

I’m pretty sure Lumpyhead will love it, no matter what it is, but I’m kinda glad I don’t have to take him.


tray said...

We did "Kindermusic" in Central VA for several years. The Queen loved it. I'm pretty sure they've got some up your way too. They were pretty good, depending on the "leader", and you could buy CDs to take home to continue the fun.

merseydotes said...

We had to ban singing at the dinner table. Otherwise, our mealtimes would be like scenes from Rent. Without the hookers and AIDS and drugs, of course.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Claudia sings herself to sleep. Maybe we could just put a third bed in the room for Lumpyhead.

(I accidentally just typed Lumoyhead. I wonder what that means. It looks like a word.)

holli said...

Lord - we're moving right. there. You didn't make it sound like there was much in the way of non-disturbing child activities. I have an image of every class looking like the Wiggles.

Why don't you just enroll him in a different activity and sing during the entire class? That would be really funny and provide excellent blogging material.

Em said...

I hope Lumpyhead loves his class.

I am with Bump on being disturbed by the whole "performer" thing it is a rare individual that can pull it off without freaking out the adults. I suffered through Kindermusik and story/singing time at the public library with Henry. Lucy gets no such perks. She has the rest of us to entertain and must enjoy whatever is on the ipod.

la dra said...

What you probably have to look forward to are Lumpyhead's own compositions-- it's so fun when the Pumpkin is singing "mommy and lucy at costco..."