Thursday, April 12, 2007

Because I'm an Ogre

On Sunday, I made Aunt Bob's Little Guy cry.

Note: I did not just make him sad. I made him cry. Great big sobbing tears of injustice.

Because I am an ogre.

How did I make him cry?

I threw away his favorite toy. Threw it into the trash.

Because I'm an ogre.

I used the last paper towel, and mistaking the empty paper towel roll for waste, put in in the trash can. ABLG realized what I had done and wailed. Through sputtering outrage, he communicated my crime. His father fished the magnificent toy out of the trash and there was much howling and gasping and rending of garments.

Later I apologized for throwing his "toot toot" into the garbage. I told him I did not realize it was such a fun toy, and asked if he forgave me.

He graciously told me that he did, and we wordlessly vowed never to speak of this matter again.

But I'm still an ogre.


Em said...

Oh dear, at least the "toot toot" was saved before someone dumped old coffee grounds on it or something even worse.

We usually save those to make tissue box guitars with but we can also recycle them here so throwing one out isn't such a big faux pas.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I did something very similar over here when I accidentally threw away Ian's "telescope".

Aunt Bob said...

And people wonder why I have random (and sometimes festively decorated)paper tubes all over the house.

Auntly H said...

In a pinch (or when 7 times zones away from your swift and ball-winder), you can use a toot-toot to wind skeins of yarn into handy center-pull balls (or "cakes"). Therefore, I hesitate before placing the tube into the recycle pile every time. I realize that divulging this here certifies me as a complete and total dork. I'm ok with that. (why does "complete" demand to be accompanied by "and total"??? That's terrible grammar!)