Wednesday, December 07, 2011

So Your Brother Is Getting A New Lego Every Damn Night

Thanks for all your help on that last post. Not. Everyone but Delora is shunned.

. . .

Okay, shortest shunning ever. I realize I post sporadically and stupidly, so you're forgiven. Most of you.

Even though you don't deserve it, I present:

Advent Calendar Ideas for a Four-Year-Old Girl Whose Mother Doesn't Want to Spend a Zillion Dollars and Whose Brother is Getting New Legos Every Damn Night

1. Paper dolls - I printed out some of those old school Betsy McCall dolls on cardstock (before I saw the awesome magnetized version on Cool Mom Picks). Unfortunately, I had given Lula a couple of these already, and if I tried to bust them out again for IS NOT A LEGO advent, she would have called bullshit on that faster than if I gave her nothing.

2. Ballet themed items - I found tickets to a version of The Nutcracker that's targeted to her age group, and she while she liked it a lot, it only took care of one night. Less than one night, actually, because when the time came for her brothers to get advent calendars, "But we went to the ballet!" was not an acceptable answer to "Where's MINE?"


I thought I could knit some ballet-like slippers for her, but I'm not a great knitter. Three hours later, ROW 7 OF 7,891 laughed heartily at my expense.


3. The Winner: Felt dolls for a flannelboard

They are cheap, novel, and surprisingly easy. Most nights, as Bump is getting dinner on the table, I realize I haven't prepared this evening's outfit and go running off to put scissors to felt.

We don't have a proper flannelboard, but the doll sticks to the back of the couch.

On the first night I gave Lula the doll with eyes, lips, and hair; along with a few clothes. (Sorry about the blurry, I suck at this.)
You probably could draw the face on with markers, or be fancy and embroider some features on the thing, but I was striving for full reversibility and - more importantly - speed. I didn't have brown or black felt in the house (honestly, I was lucky to have any felt on hand), so I made the hair with yarn.

I also made a second hairstyle option.
It's funnier, but is too heavy to stick to the doll when she's vertical.

Lula named her Charlotte - or Scarlett, it depends on when you ask - and is passably excited about getting a new outfit every night.
With the scraps you can make bows and polka dots to decorate the clothes. You could glue the embellishments on, but they also just stick to the felt.
To be honest, making the outfits is kind of fun.
This was the outfit Lula received on the night we went to The Nutcracker.
The tutu was too short, so the next night Charlotte/Scarlett got underpants. (The underpants also make great -- and highly hilarious if you're a four-year-old -- hats.)
I have a few more outfits ready to go, but when Nana arrives tomorrow I'm turning this all over to her. I'm predicting that's when the real awesomeness will start.


Amie aka Mammaloves said...

I am WAY impressed! And very glad I just have to buy the lego box and I'm good to go.

Can you post more please? It makes me happpy (so happy I added an extra p).

Stimey said...

You're brilliant. I love this idea. I also want to see more of them.

Also, every time you get a comment from Delora, does your mind read it in that lovely accent of hers? 'Cause mine does.

Anonymous said...

Damn it. I wanted to be shunned but forgot to come back to not-comment on your last post. I suck. Shun me for that.

In other news...when are we going to see each other again??? Do I sound like a needy co-dependent whiny girlfriend? Because I'm not. Nevertheless. I do want to see you again so I can confuse myself over who is who (who is whom? whatever.). *mwah*

Auntly H said...

Fantastic!!! See? You don't need us.
But, if you need hand-knit ballet slippers for her birthday, you know who to call (or, email)....

Anonymous said...

I am impressed! I bought my boy a 99 cent chocolate-filled advent calendar, and never contemplated I could have done something, you know, creative. But I did make an ornament chandelier last night and hang it from the ceiling with the removable sticky tape stuff that I was thrilled to find I already owned; my family all said, "oh, nice," and continued on. Perhaps *that* is actually why I don't make homemade advent calendars!
- Work Sarah

Mom101 said...

Color me impressed! I think I lost my right to cut felt back in the sixth grade after "the incident."