Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I cannot get a decent photo of Lumpyhead. He is either moving or looking away. If he is standing still and facing the camera, his mouth is wide open or he has the crazy eyes.

For example:
The First Day of School

Pumpkin Picking (You can still call it "picking" when it's actually "selecting," right?)

And yes, I follow the advice of "take lots of pictures to ensure you get a good one." These are the good ones. I'm not subjecting you to the hundreds of even worse ones.

Oh Christ.


bozoette said...

I *love* that last one!! Excellent embarrassment fodder for when he starts dating.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! Sigh. Snort.
You gotta love the clenched smile and crazy-eyed grimace for the school photographer. I don't know whether we should expect a professional to be able to get a better look than the beloved mom, but we can surely hope!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that "Anonymous" was from me.
- Work Sarah

Michele said...

I have 6 yr old twins and one is Mr. Photogenic and the other looks alternately like he is in and Episode of "Scared Straight" , or that he has had a stroke AND that red really is the actual color of his eyes. I feel 'ya.