Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reports from Kindergarten

On the first day, Lumpyhead said he had math and reading. He reported what he ate for lunch, but his answer at 7pm was different from his answer at 4pm. So he either had two lunches, or is an unreliable dietary witness.

When pressed about math, he said he "did skipping," which I assume means counting by twos, or fives, or tens or something. Because he also claimed he did it well, and if he tried to do that thing where you big hop, little hop on one leg and then a big hop, little hop on the alternate leg - instead of writing about Lumpyhead's first day of school I would be posting a photo of my son with a big floor burn on his face.


I was warned when Lumpyhead started kindergarten that he would come home exhausted. A full day of learning, plus no mandated rest/down time, creates a five-year-old who is wiped out by pickup.

On Day 1 he was running laps and doing that super-fast run-in-place dance move when I came home. He was so energetic that Nathan Jr - who was happily riding an apple juice buzz - regarded his brother with suspicion and an unmistakable "Dude, CHILL OUT, you are seriously harshing my mellow right now" gaze. Nathan Jr joined him in the dance for about three seconds before needing to lie down (I suspect room-spins from the apple juice buzz).

Wiped-out kid, my ass, Kindergarten. WHERE IS MY ZOMBIE, Universe? Huh? I WAS PROMISED A ZOMBIE.


kagemom69 said...

Right there with you. First 2 kids, total zombies full on-out-cold-nap on the bus zombies, third kid, energizer bunny on crack. Remind to check for caffeine content on Peanut butter.

Violet said...

I was a bit confused to read that 5year olds go to kindergarten, because in NZ kindy is for 3 and 4 year olds. Once they are 5 they go to school. Now I realise that it must be just a terminology thing.
Anyway, funny how when we adults get really tired, we just slow down until we collapse. But kids do the opposite!

Nancy said...

Rosie started kindergarten this fall too. They get rest time most days, which means she's a little bit too hyped up for my taste by the end of the day. ;-)